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How Grave-worshippers Have Deitified Their Saints

Anybody who calls upon saints from afar believes by NECASSITY that his buried saints can hear, see etc everything. This person has knowingly or unknowingly deitified his saints.

This is why Mushrikūn call on their buried gods in the first place; they already hold shirki beliefs that they and their Rabbis and priests justify with mental gymnastics, fallicious analogies and other pathetic excuses (such as: “My saint can hear and respond to unlimited calls, but not as many as Allah”…’Allah can create millions of Jesus’ and Ali’s who can aid us…why not? with the persmission of Allah…blah blah…’).

These are simple Lawāzim that come with such practices, and this is why scholars such as Ibn Uthaymin, Nasir al-Barrak etc rightfully excused ONLY those who ask the Prophet (s) right next to his grave to ASK Allah (only for Shafa’ah). This is undoubtly not Shirk as the one doing it has some form of (although incorrect) Shubuhat (Prophets alive in heir graves etc.) AND, most importantly, the doer doesn’t believe that the Prophet can is aware of every call, can hear every call, can respond to every call etc. i.e. he hasn’t deitified the Prophet (s) in any shape whatsoever.

PS: Quburiyun denying their Ibada by calling it ‘Tawassul’/’Wasilah’/’Shafa’ah’ or adding their favourite clause of ‘Bi`idhnillah’ to their shirk doesn’t turn their paganism into Tawhid. Matters are judged based on their reality and not what they are called.

Every true Sunni is a ‘Sufi’…

التصوف *الصحيح* جزء من عقيدة أهل السنة

Every true Sunni is a ‘Sufi’ and every true ‘Sufi’ is a Sunni. Only simpleton ‘Salafis’ reject Tasawwuf in its entirety.

Al-Shibly (may Allaah have mercy upon him) defined Sufism saying, “Sufism is to keep your senses and watch your breath’.

Note: What is meant with Tasawwuf here is not the predominantly heretical type, the Rāfidī type of Qubūrism (grave worship) and other Bida’, Dhalālāt and Zandaqāt in the name of ‘spirituality’ that one can find in Sūfi Tarīqāt. What is meant is the orthodox Sunni way of Tasawwuf (Sufism) which is defined as Tarbiyyah, Tazkiyyat al-Nafs etc.

Not all forms of Tasawwuf are rejected, the orthodox Tasawwuf of the Salaf and Khalaf — or whatever you wanna call it following the قاعدة:

أن العبرة في الحكم على الأشياء بالمسميات لا بالأسماء

is actually an ESSENTIAL part of Islam and one of its sciences and a necessity to nurture one’s soul. Thus, dismissing Sufism wholesale and to refuse to acknowledge any good in Sufism and warn people away from it *without* exception is itself a dangerous form of extremism.

Having said that, it should be understood that it is from the practice of the Ahlus-Sunnah to use general terms. For instance when someone in our times says that the Shia are Sahaba abusers and Grave-worshippers then it is understood that he means the Twelvers as they are the dominant Shia group in the last few centuries right up till today. Same with Sufis, when one says that Sufis are heretics, Zanadiqah, Khurafiyun and extremist Quburis similar to the Rafidah, then what is meant are precisely those heretical extremist Sufis and *not* orthodox Sunnis from the past and today who happen to prefer to associate with the term Sufiyyah.

In that sense: I’m a Muslim. I’m a Sunni. I’m a Salafi. I’m a Sufi. I’m a Bakri, Omari, Othmani and Alawi in the true sense, In sha Allah.


Ibn Taymiyyah Was A True ‘Sufi’

Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah (who criticised and refuted the Ghulāt Sūfiyyah whilst defending SHAR’ī Tasawwuf) balanced words on Tasawwuf.

He literally says that amongst the greatest Awliya` of Allah are those who were called Sūfis. Rahimallah this genius, who is more moderate (in the true Islamic sense) than many of his ignorant and foolish enemies think.

Pure I’tidāl (if some would only teach such balanced statements more in their repetitive and dull IT lectures):

والتحقيق أن فيه الممدوح والمذموم ـ يعني في مذهب التصوف الممدوح والمذموم ـ والمذموم منه ما يكون اجتهادياً ومنه غير ذلك، كفقه الرأي فإنه قد ذم فقه الرأي طوائف من الفقهاء والعلماء والعباد ” . ثم يقول : ” ومـن المتسمين بهذا الاسم ـ أي التصوف ـ من أولياء الله وصفوته وخيار عباده ما لا يعلم عددهم إلا الله، كما أن من أهل الرأي ـ أي من فقهاء الرأي ـ أهل العلم والإيمان طوائف لا يعلم عددهم إلا الله ” .

The Salaf Preferred The Term Zuhd Over The Obscure Terminology of Tasawwuf

The Salaf preferred the term Zuhd instead of Tasawwuf (which has a disputed origin), however, none of them rejected the Shar’ī intended meaning and Maqāsid of it as they are and inherent part of Sunni creed.

The scholars say:

التصوف الصحيح بني على الزهد، والزهد أصل من أصول الشريعة

‘Correct and authentic Tasawwuf is based on Zuhd (Islamic ascetism) and Zuhd is a branch of the branches of the Sharī’ah,.’

The early Salaf used the term ‘Zuhd’ instead of Tasawwuf, the likes of ‘Abdullah Ibn al-Mubarak al-Turkumāni (181 AH, Hannad ibn al-Sari (152 AH), Imam Ahmad etc.

Sujūd (prostration) To other Than Allah – The Balanced Sunni View

Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah said:

‘Prostration is of two types: prostration by way of pure worship, and prostration by way of honouring and greeting showing respect. As for the former, it can only be done for Allah.’

[Majmu‘ al-Fatawa (4/361)]

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Iblis Has a Better Tawhid Understanding Than Grave Worshippers

Rafidah/Pseudo-Sufis (fake Sufis/esoteric batini heretics):

“Iblis fell into error because he was obsessed with Tawhid and wanted to avoid shirk left and right. Ya Ghous-E-Azam madad, Ya Ali madad!”

Sunni: Iblis actually gave preference to his ‘aql/intellect over the command of Allah, other than that he had undoubtly a better Tawhid understanding than you Mushriks, for even Iblis knew how correct Tawasul (by calling on Allah alone THROUGH his beautiful names and attributes) is done:

عن أبي سعيد الخدري قال سمعت رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم يقول إن إبليس قال لربه بعزتك وجلالك لا أبرح أغوي بني آدم ما دامت الأرواح فيهم فقال الله فبعزتي وجلالي لا أبرح أغفر لهم ما استغفروني

From Abu Sa’id al-Khudri (r): I heard the Prophet (s) saying: “The devil said to his Lord: “By your POWER (‘Izz) and MAJESTY (Jalalah), I won’t stop misleading the children of Adam as long as they are alive”. Then Allah said: “By my honour and majesty, and I won’t stop forgiving them as long as they seek for forgiveness from me”. [Ahmad]

‘Ya Ali’ (Jesus, Jilani etc.) is like asking a person next to you for help…no Shirk whatsoever.

Asking Ali, Fatimah, Jesus, Mary, Jilani, Badawi, Imam ____ or Pir ____ for help is as Shirk as asking a friend for help. Don’t you go to the doctor asking to get cured? Lulz, that means Vahabis do shirk everyday when asking anyone for help. Lulz, refuted!

Ya Ali+Mahdi+Fatimah+Abolfaaz+Zaynab+Hossein madadz.

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