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Hanbali Imam al-Saffarini performed Shirk?

A hallmark of the Ahlul-Bid’ah (like the Rafidah and the Mutasawwifah) is that they rely on weak and fabricated reports. Once they are exhausted with that (after being refuted) they move onto the ‘but so-and-so great scholars said so’ appeal.

These pseudo-intellectuals commit a classical logical fallacy i.e. an argument from authority (argumentum ab auctoritate). One of their many logical fallacies to which they clutch onto due to their ignorance. Continue reading Hanbali Imam al-Saffarini performed Shirk?

Sufi (Barelvi) Mohammad Aslam Says The Prophet (ﷺ) literally Nurtures Us!

When you confront the Quburis (grave worshippers) about their Shirk, they try to vindicate themselves by saying, that they don’t believe that the Prophet (ﷺ) or Imam, Wali (saint), etc., himself helps us (well, some actually do!), rather when we call out to them for help it is meant in a figurative meaning (Majaz), not literal meaning (Haqiqah).

The nurturing part would’ve made sense if it was linked to parents raising their kids upon the Sunnah, but he’s literally saying the Prophet (ﷺ) him will directly nurture them, this is because he believes that even a 21st century buried Sufi Pir can fulfill our wishes when we call upon him, let alone the Prophet (ﷺ). Their last excuse will be ‘metaphorical’ speech, a gate they use to desensitise their gullible followers for their Ghuluw.

So clear-cut Shirki phrases in du’a (supplication) like ‘Ya Ali/Jilani’ etc. madad (help) where the lazy Quburi doesn’t even bother to mention Allah are suddenly nothing but Tawhid and intercession (Tawassul). Basically, they argue that:

‘Ya Ali/Jilani’ helllllllllp!!!! = Ya Ali/Jilani please be so kind and ask Allah to help me/fulfill my needs. Thanks.

The absurdity of this claim should be clear for every person of intellect who has not been blinded by bias. Of course, there are Mushriks who are more severe in Shirk, thus you will find the highest Sufi and Rafidi authorities openly preaching that one does not need to invoke Allah at all i.e. you can invoke your saint directly, plus intending none but your almighty saint (i.e. forget about the Majaz game), ask that merciful buried demigod for all your needs, he will surely answer, all you need to do is to make sure you add the get-out clause (with the permission of Allah), a divine clause that has been misused by the Quburis like no other sentence in Islam:

The Quburis will argue with a straight (Mushrik) face that Invoking Jesus (a) is totally fine and Islamic! And of course, Invoking Lady Mary is legit and totally Islamic! It’s always Hallelujah in the Quburi Church.

But despite this oft-repeated attempt (‘we only ask the saints to ask Allah… we do not believe the saints act independently from Allah) at whitewashing their Shirk, their own actions and words give away their true polytheistic beliefs and nature. Look at this priest of theirs claiming that the Prophet, after his passing away, nurtures children “with his perfection, beauty, and mercy.

If this is not making someone besides Allah into Rabb (sustainer, nurturer) then what is?

As you can see, they have lost all shame. They openly post Ghuluw and Shirk like that as if it is totally normal. Well, it is, to them that ‘the purest Tawhid on this earth right now’ as one idolatrous priest in the name of Islam once said.


They Want To Destroy Idols (but not their own) – The Al-Mansur Statute In Baghdad

In the latest news from Iraq, hate preacher Yasser al-Habib (based in Fulmer, Slough. His gullible non-British followers are told that his temple and TV station are based in London. It’s a selling point) has been causing having in Baghdad after he launched a campaign calling for the destruction of the statue of Abu Ja’far al-Mansur al-Abbasi in Baghdad. Before we get to the statue, some background information:

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Shia Cleric Obliterates Shia Cleric’s Pathetic Tawassul Spoofs

There is no doubt that Islam is the truth and that the people of the Sunnah, the Ahlul-Sunnah, are the closest people to the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ). There is also no doubt that Rafidism (Twelver Shia Imamism) is a dumpster of various forms of zandaqah, kufr, shirk, and ghuluw in the name of the Ahlul-Bayt. No damage control attempts can ever change that.

There is also no doubt that the seeds of the da’wah sprout and eventually bear fruit as shall be proven in this article.

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Shubhah: The Prophet (ﷺ) can hear billions of salams so my favourite saint can do 24/7 madad

A commonly repeated shubhah by Rawafid and other Quburis based on the misuse of a hadith that states that the Prophet (ﷺ) can hear our salam that we send upon him. In their shallow understanding of these matters, they argue that:

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When The ‘Peace Loving’ Sufis Said Labbayka Ya Modi & Putin!

Unsurprisingly, the tyrannical leaders in the Muslim world, the Rafidah, and other enemies of Islam see in modern-day Quburi Sufism – which is nothing but a dumpster of folklore paganism, superstitions, polytheism, and other Ghuluw (extremism) in the name of the saints/Ahlul-Bayt, similar to Rafidism – a perfect ally, a diluted version of Islam that they prefer any time and any day over Islam/Ahlul-Sunnah.

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Naqshbandi (semi-Rafidi) Sufis: Call Upon Your Saint At Any Time!

A Facebook Sufi page with tens of thousands of followers responded to me after asking them a simple and straightforward question regarding the invocation of other than Allah in du’a i.e. literally beseeching and calling upon other than Allah (which is not tawassul in any shape or form, it’s pseudo-tawassul, a misuse of the term of tawassul).
The answer I got was expected, but still, it is always shocking, just imagining that someone can claim Islam and Tawhid whilst holding the folding abhorrent pagan beliefs that resemble Catholicism more than they resemble Islam:

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