The Link Between Shia and Sufi Grave Worship In Egypt

Al-Sayyida Nafīsah (Arabic: السيدة نفيسة) (b. 145/762 – d. 208/824) was the daughter of al-Hasan al-Anwar, the son of Zayd, son of al-Hasan Ibn Abi Talib (ra).

It is said that Al-Sayyida Nafisa was buried in her house. The extremist Sufis have turned her grave into a massive shrine and mausolueum which is also flocked by Sufis and Iranian Shias and other shrine obsessed Shias from around the world. Her shrine has become an idol, a place of pilgrimage for people, especially on Sundays and Thursdays. It is also a custom to hold wedding ceremonies near there. Each year on the birth anniversary of al-Sayyida Nafisah and Lady Zaynab ceremonies are held in Egypt. Sufis and Rafidah Shia request blessings from their buried saint and perform Tawaf around the shrine, it has even become custom to let brides perform Tawaf!

Imam Dhahabi said regarding these types of deviants who ask help from the pious people like Sayyidah al-Nafisah:

ولجهلة المصريين فيها اعتقاد يتجاوز الوصف ، ولا يجوز مما فيه من الشرك ، ويسجدون لها ، ويلتمسون منها المغفرة ، وكان ذلك من دسائس دعاة العبيدية .

“And the ignoramuses amongst the Egyptians hold beliefs in regards to her which are beyond description, impermissible [beliefs] which include polytheism (Shirk).

They prostrate to her [grave] and seek forgiveness from her, all of that is from the machinations of the ‘Ubaydis (Rafidi Isma’ili “Fatimids”).

[Siyar A’lam al-Nubala 10/106]

(Extreme and Bid’i form of) Sufism has always been a fertile ground for Rafidism. This is why the scholars say:

التصوف بوابة التشيع

‘Sufism is the gateway to Shiism.’

You know that this statement is 101% true when you see the Rafidah – laypeople and scholars alike – hyping up the biggest heretics and heretical sect as ‘true Sunnis’. Their formula goes like this:

The more zindiqi and grave worshipping the ‘Sunni’ the better he is and should be paraded as a ‘true Sunni’ in order to demonise the ‘Wahhabis’.