Hunafa or Wathaniyyun?

المشركون ام الحنفاء الموحدون المخطؤن المساكين المبتدعون؟

Too some the following 5 star pagans are:

– Muwahhidun
– Hunafaa / On the Millah of Ibrahim
– Muslimun
– Mukhlisuna Lahu fi al-Din

At worst they are doing some Bid’ah with a grain of Haraam.

After all these innocent “Muslims” (Rafidah Mushriks) don’t literally believe that their enshrined deities are Allah, nor do they believe that their deities are independent from Allah. حاش لله! They believe their entombed ones:

– Can create, whenever and whatever they want and posses the ‘kun fayakun’ attribute
– Listen and respond to millions of requests from Mushrik Rafidites around the globe, at any time, in any language (I.e. they are al-Sami’, al-Basir, al-‘Alim etc.)
– Have the absolute (and not just portions) knowledge of the unseen I.e. exactly like Allah
– Present with their knowledge and physically at any time and place
– Are Abwaab al-Hawaa’ij (THE fulfillers of all our needs)
– Worthy to be invoked directly endless times more than Allah (who to them like to other saint worshipping mushriks is like an angry director of a company whom you better not approach directly except through his secretaries ie 12 Imams and another 1000+ buried descendants (‘Imamzadeh’) of Imams whom you of course do can invoke directly).

and more despicable kufri beliefs that are the essence of Imamite Tashayyu’ .. all that is not shirk though, because these miskins believe their buried deities do everything ‘be’eznellow’. So fear Allah you Najdite Takfirites.