Sufi & Rafidah Parades

You know what this circus reminds me of? Of the following hadith:

Abu Hurayrah narrated that the Prophet (صل الله عليه و سلم) said: “Iman (belief) has more than 70 branches. The most excellent among these branches is the saying of “Laa ilaaha ill Allah” (there is no God but Allah), and the smallest branch is to REMOVE an obstacle from the wayside. And Haya (modesty) is an important branch of Iman.


So removing even an obstacle from the wayside i.e. people’s path (i.e. to make them feel comfortable) is considered a form of Iman and a good deed. Now what would the Prophet (SAWS) say about those who BLOCK the streets in an already hostile-towards-Muslims-environment, in an completely unneccassary act (even if you insists of celebrating the Mawlid, why do you need to show of and do riya’ in public, even the Jumu’a we don’t pray in public, except ‘Eid prayers and that’s because it is ADVISED to d so!) where hundreds of people are disturbed. When did the Prophet, his Ahl Al-Bayt and companions ever blocked the wayside for such an event? Imagine how many kafirs will actually curse and insult Islam and the Prophet in particular (saws) because of such carneval-shia like acts? They are actually opposing his Sunnah even if their intentions are good.